How it all started

In the early summer of 2003, as part of my studies at the köln international school of design, I participated in a short term project called 50% design. The topic was to find an industrially produced low-key product and turn it into something worthy – by leveraging the innate features and changing or adding whatever we thought was neccesary. The project was lead by Prof. Günter Horntrich, professor for ecodesign at the school. The Rheintöchter bags were part of a collection of bags I made from simple plastic structures, such as a VHS case, frisbees, an air mattress... and bathing caps. The success of the presentation and the fact that i had orders placed for the bathing cap bags that very day made me set up a little sewing studio at home and hope to be able to earn some money through my own designs for the first time.